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Are you STRUGGLING to make change in your life? Do you have goals that currently seem unattainable in both your personal and professional life? The BE PROSPEROUS program is focused on assisting YOU with developing the skills to achieve prosperous results.
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Is Self Love a difficult task for you? Are you experiencing difficulty finding your confidence? The BE EMPOWERED program is dedicated to guiding you on the beautiful journey of self discovery.
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Need an extra boost of support? Seeking accountability to complete a task? The BE BOLD program is perfectly designed to help you tap into your BOLD energy in order to cross the finish line on the marathon of success!
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Have you decided that you are ready to make change in your life, but do not know where to begin? The Be Brave program is for men focused on personal development and emotional growth.
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Intentional Healing Collective

A safe space created for emotional healing through sisterhood. Healing is always grand when you are doing it with the collective.
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Organizational Consulting Services

VCH Prosperity Consulting offers intentional and impactful services that are crafted to meet the professional development needs of your organization.
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Be Inspired Drop In Sessions

Need a quick drop in session to clear your mind or to receive guidance on how to get on the path to resolving a life issue? If you don't have time to commit to a program, feel free to schedule a drop-in session! Limit 3 sessions per year, per individual. Click image for more information.