What is the Compton Wellness Collective (CWC)?

A collective of healers who work together to "heal the hood" by using various healing modalities to disrupt inter-generational toxic behavioral cycles and improve maladaptive coping habits.

How will the be done?

  • On a micro level : via one-on-one services such as socio-emotional coaching and providing access to culturally relevant resources.
  • On a macro level: community wellness workshops, psychoeducational groups, and organizational wellness training.

What is the Goal?

To equip the community with information, skills, and resources to improve the overall emotional and mental health well-being of community residents. Through the use of individual and group services, the Compton Wellness Collective (CWC) has a plan to equip 1,000 Compton residents with the skills necessary to begin the journey to successfully mastering socio-emotional wellness.

Veronica Clanton-Higgins - Founder/Wellness Practitioner

Veronica Clanton-Higgins, CEO of VCH Prosperity Consulting, created the Compton Wellness Collective (CWC) in order to increase the amount of people that she was able to provide socio-emotional wellness services to. She recognized that living in a pandemic was having a profound impact on community residents. It is important to Veronica that culturally appropriate services are provided by individuals from the community.

Veronica is a Registered Associate Clinical Social Work, providing clinical services as a therapist for Chapman University. She received her Bachelors in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology, from California State University, Dominguez Hills and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California. Currently, she is completing her PhD in Clinical Sexology. Trained in various modalities, Veronica uses an eclectic approach to clinical care which includes mindfulness-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and trauma focused interventions. She specializes in intersectionality related issues, anxiety, depression, sexual issues, PTSD, and stress related disorders. As a certified life and sexuality coach, Veronica uses her skills to help clients with improving self-care, increasing self-esteem, and setting appropriate boundaries.

As a community activist and advocate, Veronica serves as Associate Director of the Compton Advocates Coalition, Board Member for the Compton Girls Club, a member of the CA 64th Assembly District Women's Commission, and a community collaborator with the Yetunde Resource Center. She previously served on several School Site councils, Parent Teacher Associations, and African American Parent committees throughout Compton Unified School District. Veronica created TEDxComptonBlvd and the Intentional Healing Podcast to amplify the voices of Compton folx in order to change the narrative of how people view Compton residents. She recently received the Compton Champion award from the City of Compton and the Women's Leadership award from the California State Assembly, 64th District. Veronica is dedicated to improving the mental health and socio-emotional wellness of her community, and utilizes all of her skills to do so.

Ayisha Winn - Wellness Practitioner

My name is Ayisha Winn, I am a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience as a Clinical Therapist. I received a master’s degree in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach with a Mental Health concentration in 2013. My work history and education has afforded me the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in being able to work with a diverse population of children and adults with developmental disabilities/mental illnesses, and dual diagnoses. Most of my experience is in the community mental health setting in crisis and intensive programs such as Full-Service Partnership (FSP), Wraparound, Recovery Resilience and Re-Integration (RRR), and SB82 working with youth and families who struggle with intensive behavioral and emotional challenges, familial issues, placement removals, and placement stabilization. Throughout my years working in community mental health, I’ve gained a substantial amount of experience with children, adolescents, transitional age youth, and families (biological and foster families). My experience also includes working in the medical clinic setting with adults and the elderly population who struggle with numerous mental health, medical related adjustment conditions, and substance use/dependency disorders. I am experienced working with clients ages 5 through 70.

I am dedicated to providing exceptional clinical care to my clients through use of creative intervention strategies, empathy, providing a safe space, and developing lasting and impactful therapeutic alliances. My energy, positive attitude, use of a non-judgmental approach, active listening skills, motivation, passion, and insightful support allow my clients the ability to feel both comfortable and supported in treatment under my care.

Specializes in: Trauma and Abuse | Anxiety Related Disorders | Depressive and Mood Disorders | PTSD | Oppositional Defiance Relational Issues | Substance Abuse | Adjustment Issues | Grief and Loss | Body image and Self-Esteem issues

Trained in: Trauma Focused CBT | Mindfulness | Motivational Interviewing | Play Therapy

Ayana Shepard - Wellness Practitioner

Ayana Shepherd is an Associate Clinical Social Worker who has worked in the human services field for over 20 years with varying populations. Individuals that she has supported over the years include, at-risk youth, individuals in recovery, individuals with special needs, and individuals who have experienced trauma related to sexual assault.

Ayana obtained her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in English with a Minor in Child and Family Development. As she began working with children in educational settings as an undergraduate, she recognized that she could be an educator and support youth in other ways outside of a classroom environment. It was her employment at a residential facility where her budding interest in social work began. After working and volunteering within multiple facets and with varying populations (at-risk youth, substance abuse and persons with developmental disabilities) within the social work realm, she went back to school to obtain her Masters in Social Work. Since obtaining her MSW, she has provided group therapy to youth in a residential setting, coordinates support services for individuals with developmental disabilities and provides training to professionals who collaborate with individuals with developmental disabilities where they work and live.

With over 20 years of experience in social services and a life committed to helping others, she recognizes the importance of taking care of yourself and being intentional in this daily task. To maintain longevity and health in a profession that is equally as rewarding as it is demanding, she understands that self-care is a necessity and hence began “Self-Care Advocacy” as a passion project to encourage people to routinely engage in self-care. Self-Care Advocacy has since blossomed into an entrepreneur endeavor that provides education, resources and community connection for women evolving in their journey to better taking care of themselves. In 2020 she published Free Your Mind: A Self-Care and Mindfulness Activity Book to promote convenient practical ways that individuals can engage in self-care.

Ayana Shepherd is the Co-Founder of B2B Support Services (Blessed to Be a Blessing) which is a nonprofit organization that provides support to individuals in the inner city of Los Angeles County such as Compton, Watts and South Central Los Angeles. In all facets of her work, she stresses the importance of self-care in order to promote balance, self-love, confidence, and overall well-being.

Ayana’s mantra is “All things work together for good” - Romans 8:28.

Meghan Shamburger - Wellness Practitioner

My name is Meghan Shamburger and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. My passion is to work alongside individuals to aid them on their journey and provide a safe space to process trauma and do the work of healing. I currently work with a variety of clients ranging from trauma survivors to families and couples of all ages.

Brittany Pollard - Sound/Energy Practitioner

Brittany Pollard has always been fascinated by the connection between our imagination and physiology. Through a fusion of wellness, fitness, and spirituality, she teaches people how to step out of cycles of burnout and into rituals of self-care. Her meditations, sound healing, and Dare to Dream candles engage the senses and provide opportunities to rest, dream, and commune with the divine intelligence that exists within and around us.

Carmen Tanner - Creative Engineer

Carmen Tanner is a self-taught artist with a creative nature, who aspires to be the light in and around her community. Creativity is her fuel, and she uses it in all aspects of her life. One of her goals is to show people that despite age or ability there is an artist within all of us. Life is full of ups and downs, and she uses creativity and art as the navigation to sometimes, just get through. She believes that creativity should not only be encouraged but applauded in our youth because without creativity there can be no innovation.

As Owner of and self-proclaimed “Creative Engineer” at DragunfliDesignz, she curates art for all and provides avenues for creative expression despite any and all demographics. At DragunfliDesignz, we offer paint instruction in a fun and relatable setting both online and in-person. We also create pre-drawn canvases and kits for mindfulness and anti-anxiety activities. Essentially, we use art as a way to not only celebrate life but to live it completely.

She is the Co-Owner of DejahDesignz, an amazing graphic design firm that she runs with her husband, Joseph Tanner III. She also serves as Program Director/Treasurer on the Board of a Nonprofit organization called The GIRLS Group that serves to empower, inspire, and motivate African American tween and teen girls and women who are or have been in dysfunctional and/or disadvantaged lifestyles.

Carmen has a BS in business management and a certificate in Small Business & Entrepreneurship. She also has a passion for baking, sewing, and spending quality time with her family.

Yoselin Sanchez - Yoga/Meditation Practitioner.

Yoselin Sanchez is a first generation multi-faceted millennial from the world-famous city of Compton. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology with a concentration on Deviance and Social Control from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). She was recognized as a philanthropist for her extensive community work from her alma mater organization, Alpha Phi Omega at CSULB. As a philanthropist, she has served her community through food banks, clean-ups, serving the unsheltered, tutoring the youth, and campaigning for local/state representatives. One of her achievements is holding the title as Miss Compton People's Choice Queen 2018-2019. Miss Sanchez shared her transformational journey as “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” on YouTube for the first ever TEDxComptonBlvd event in 2020. In 2021, Forbes coined her the Hometown Hero for her service in the community as she was immortalized with a mural inside the Compton Footlocker Community Store by local artist Melissa Depaz. Yoselin's professional background includes life coaching, public speaking, mental health advocacy, servant leadership, health and wellness, education, and political consulting. Her life’s mission is to lead with love and pay it forward by sharing her vision and using the power in her truth to inspire and change the world.