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  • Chanel J.
    Mrs Higgins is absolutely an inspiring woman. She help me get through a rough time in my life. Was very professional and uplifting. She also has a Goal Digger planner that is perfect for your business and help with managing your goal and time.
    I’m extremely happy that God aligned us two on the same path. Our energy just connected.
    Chanel J.
    Luxe & Glam
  • Tay Watts
    It’s both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge Veronica for being an inspiration to many women. Veronica is engaging, insightful, and passionate about her work. She has the ability to address serious issues with energy and make lasting connections with others to make a positive impact. Veronica has an amazing real life approach to telling her story that helps move other’s into action so if you have a chance to book her, do it!
    Tay Watts
    Posh Candle Co
  • Princess W.
    I heard Veronica speak at a Black Business  Women Rocks conference. I appreciated her transparency and openness. She was authentic, she was genuine, and she lit up the room with her energy and humor. I introduced myself to her afterwards and she was very warm and welcoming. You can tell she cares about what she does!
    Princess W.
  • Alicia Knight
    One of a kind, very professional and her willingness to see you win is what i love about her the most having a personal and professional experience with her has both been nothing short of greatness
    Alicia Knight
  • Shamika Clements
    What a wonderful and personable experience talking with Veronica. She lends an ear to your voice and calms your soul with great advice.
    Shamika Clements
  • Danyell
    It's it's very heart warming to meet another woman who truly means wells and have your best interest. Veronica has given me great advice and motivation during some hard times. Thank you for making yourself available for any questions and needs.
  • Charles R. Watkins II
    She has done an excellent job sharing valuable life lessons to the young women at our school. Her powerful message changed the lives of my students. Our young women need positive role models. We were enthused to have her share her time and knowledge with us.
    Charles R. Watkins II
  • Javonne Sanders
    Positive, motivating and a supporting woman which we need in our community to encourage others. Veronica knows how to connect with all ages and is transparent which is a wonderful quality
    Javonne Sanders
  • Angie D-H
    Veronica is a smart, energetic and caring person who is an inspiration to so many as she openly shares her touching story as well as her vast understanding of human behavior. She is an awesome presenter and brings a positive energy that is empowering and contagious! I am proud to call her an esteemed colleague and wonderful fellow social worker.
    Angie D-H
  • Jerald Garrett
    Very special Lady! An individual who cares about the people in the community. Veronica is always someone I put at the top of my list when I think of genuine professional and conscious people. She's a great writer too and a great source of information!!
    Jerald Garrett
  • Sophie D.
    Veronica has been instrumental in my realizing that it is time to make changes in my life. What's more, is that she has done this in the most caring and loving way. Veronica truly cares for the people she works with and shows this in how she checks in on you if she hasn't heard from you, is patient with you, listens to you, and is open about her own struggles and triumphs. One of the best things I've grown to hold dear are the many strategies for coping and growing that Veronica offers. Her Google class helps to keep you connected and accountable. She is a wealth of knowledge and is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our continued friendship.
    Sophie D.
  • Leandra McLaurin
    Veronica is such an inspiration and a great mentor to me personally. I love her spirit, wisdom, and the positive energy she gives out to all those around her.
    Leandra McLaurin
  • Johanne
    My sister and I worked with Veronica to find better ways to communicate. As the older sister, I often find myself mothering my sister and Veronica was able to make me see that what I thought was me showing love was actually damaging our adult relationship. She never made either of us feel she was taking the other's side and is truly a gift. Veronica is a big part of the new and improved relationship we have today. We will be forever grateful to her.

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