Veronica Clanton-Higgins, MSW Transformative Emotional Healer

Veronica Clanton- Higgins, MSW, is an author, educator, transformative emotional healer, motivational speaker, and Founder of VCH Prosperity Consulting. A native of Compton, CA, Veronica is known for her support & emotional healing of women in her community. Veronica started VCH Prosperity Consulting in 2016 to address the emotional needs of women in her community. This was accomplished through the use of workshops and one-on -one coaching. Her unique style of Life Coaching is a combination of empowerment, emotional transformation, manifesting intentions, and affirming self. She has made it her life’s purpose to improve the lives of others by helping them transform their hurt to healing through the use of mindfulness and self affirming techniques.

Veronica promotes change through education. She created S.O.S. (Squad of Survivors), a nine week program that promotes healing through the sisterhood collective. Veronica uses this method because “healing is more effective when you have a strong support system.” Veronica’s work also includes a research study in collaboration with California State University, Long Beach, and the March of Dimes which focused on reducing stress in African American women through the use of psycho education. An accomplished author, her works includes a thought processing journal, “Ten Steps to Happy”a planner for women in business, “Goal Digger: Planner for the Business Diva” and a feature in "Women of Purpose" an anthology of stories based on resiliency.

Veronica believes that our words have power and that we should be mindful of what we speak into the universe. She works with women to find their happiness and purpose in life. Through workshops, one-on-one coaching, and psycho-education, her continuous goal is to empower women to not walk in their hurt , but to reclaim their power and live life on purpose!